Is it possible to login to our Netgear router other than through the

Yes, absolutely the users can also log in to their routers through its default IP address which is or for most of the Netgear wireless routers. This Netgear’s customized web domain was created for the convenience of the users.

What is the default IP address of a router?

The default IP address of the router is an offline web link that is addressed to the firmware of the router. It is through this default IP address of the router that the setup portal of the router can be accessed and the router can be configured.

From where do we get to know what our router IP address is?

The user should very well know what his/her router’s default IP address is. This IP address is essential for accessing the router’s setup page. The IP address is often printed on the brand endorsing stickers pasted on the router’s body. But if you can’t find any such label, then launch a command IPCONFIG in the command prompt tool of the computer and your IP address will be displayed on your screen.

Why is it essential to upgrade the firmware of the router?

The firmware of the router is much essential to be upgraded as it is the only source through which the router’s working can be kept efficient and up to the mark. All the functioning of the router device depends on its firmware; therefore it becomes more important to update the firmware version of the router as soon as the new version gets released.

Why do we need to reset our router?

The Netgear routers are although very reliable devices however in some cases, the router needs to be reset due to one of the following reasons mentioned below.

  1. Reset due to the forgotten login password
  2. Reset due to the router malfunctioning
  3. Reset in case the router is frozen

How to perform a reset on the router?

The Netgear router needs to be reset in case of its malfunctioning or forgotten login password. The Netgear wireless router can be reset to its original factory settings through one of the two following methods mentioned below.
Reset through the reset button
Reset via the web-based interface of the router
Reset via the reset button- the easiest and quickest way of resetting the router is by pushing the reset button given on the back of the router or underneath the router’s body.

The user is required to insert a pin like a thing e.g. needle or paper clip into the pinhole of the reset button. Insert and hold the reset button pushed for at least 5-6 seconds until the router takes a power cycle.

What are connection types listed in the router’s internet and network settings? What are they used for?

There is several connection types listed in the drop-down list of connection types. The PPPoE connection type works best for the internet service supply to the user. The PPPoE stands for Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet.

What to do if I see the “page cannot be loaded” error message on the browser screen while trying to access the router setup page?

This is a rare issue to occur, however, at the same time, it is the most frequently asked query of the users. If you see this error message prompt on the screen, then check your internet connection. Also, check if the wired Ethernet connections are made properly or not. After completing all the hardware checkups, make sure you are using the updated and latest web browsers and if not update them and try again.

Why is it necessary to change the router login password after the primary access?

The default value for the router login password is “password” itself. Since it is the default value for most of the Netgear routers, therefore everyone would be well aware of this passkey. So, in order to keep your router more secure and safe from the unauthorized access, change your router’s login password to a tougher one.

How many firmware updates are usually released on a single Netgear router model?

The Netgear router’s firmware update isn’t released until the need for some new features or functionalities is felt by the brand based on the review by the users. On an average, there are about 2-3 updates released for the firmware of the router. In some routers, this number could be restricted to only one, whereas for some other routers, this number can cross the mark of 4 also. The firmware update, therefore, depends on the need of the time. For updation check notification on or page.